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Quantum Computation and Quantum Information 
Edition: 1 
Year: 2000 
ISBN: 0521632358 
ISBN 13: 9780521632355 
Essential Italian Grammar Practice 
ISBN: 8877154349 
ISBN 13: 9788877154347 
The Theory Of Everything 
Year: 2007 
ISBN: 8179925919 
ISBN 13: 9788179925911 
2D Time-independent quantum well systems: a variational Monte Carlo study 
Year: 2004 
Hyperbolic heat conduction in a region of a one-dimensional semi-finite slab 
Year: 2005 
Self-consistent simulations via root finding method of transport properties of a two atom molecular device 
Year: 2004 
Introduction to Electrodynamics (4th Edition) 
Edition: 4 
Year: 2012 
ISBN: 0321856562 
ISBN 13: 9780321856562 
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) 
Edition: 2nd 
Year: 2004 
ISBN: 0131118927 
ISBN 13: 9780131118928 
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 
Year: 2016 
Series: Special Issue: Quantum Integrability in Out-of-Equilibrium Systems 
Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics (Dover Books on Physics) 
Edition: Revised ed. 
Year: 1992 
ISBN: 048667164X 
ISBN 13: 9780486671642